To respond more effectively to the expectations of its clients, SIE offers them consultancy services and assists them through several actions :

  • Identification of needs ;

  • Choice of appropriate technologies ;

  • Financing options ;

  • Project implementation arrangements ;

  • Assessment of the project profitability.

Energy Diagnosis

Services intended to perform a brief analysis of the clients' energy situation so as to advise or support them in the preparation and/or implementation of an energy efficiency project. This covers :

  • Initial contact with the client, collection of data and information ;
  • Analysis of the data provided, on-site visits for a preliminary qualification of the prevailing situation and the major energy consuming equipment ;
  • Initial identification of possible courses of action likely to increase the energy efficiency of installations, as well as a set of suggested approaches.

This activity is of vital importance for SIE and its clients, in that it makes it possible to detect and confirm the potential for energy efficiency and, therefore, the benefit of developing projects and a market to provide solutions.

The development of energy efficiency projects starts necessarily with an energy audit phase, followed by a technical study to characterize the client's energy situation (consumption items, trends, energy contracts, etc.), and the preparation of the project feasibility study (projection over time of potential savings to assess the relevance of implementing energy efficiency investments).

Performing energy audits and technical and economic studies allows SIE to assess the feasibility of the project, as well as to implement the most appropriate energy efficiency measures.

Implementation of Energy Efficiency Projects

Development and Implementation of Projects (PMA and DPC)

This is a whole set of services aimed at supporting a client, from start to finish, in preparing, structuring, establishing and monitoring an energy efficiency project, in a steering role, with SIE acting to guarantee compliance of the work performed, whether under works contracts (engineering and equipment installation contract) or energy performance contracts (EPC). This covers the following :

  • Technical-economic feasibility studies to assess the relevance of an energy efficiency project, taking into account the anticipated savings and investments ;
  • The structuring of the energy efficiency project, including technological, technical, legal and financial options ;
  • Procurement procedures for services, equipment and works (as the case may be), in compliance with the rules applicable to the client and to SIE, involving the drawing up of the contract specifications, and assistance in selecting suppliers, until the end of the contracting process ;
  • Overseeing the project implementation, including contract monitoring, worksite follow-up, acceptance of services, equipment or works, and ultimately, if the client requests so, the payment of suppliers, by conferral of management ;
  • Monitoring the project's actual results over the long term, including an evaluation of the energy savings achieved, according to international measurement and verification standards.

SIE can act according to two roles :

As a project management assistant, SIE plays the role of a service provider, taking on and delivering preliminary studies entrusted by the Client. Afterwards, the Client is responsible for the choice of the solution and the contracting process with the project suppliers. During the implementation phase, SIE assists its partner in ensuring the compliance of the work performed.

Under this mode, and beyond technical expertise, the added value of SIE lies in its neutrality and impartiality with respect to technical choices and the selection of suppliers.

Under the DPC mode, SIE plays an intermediation role with suppliers and has the capacity to commit the Client by way of delegation (in particular to conclude contracts with suppliers and to manage/approve the project's financial operations - ultimately to manage financing on behalf of a third party). SIE enjoys a status that endows it with the capacity to act as delegated contracting authority on behalf of public authorizing officers, thus offering them the possibility to use the Company's services within a clear and flexible legal framework.

In both cases, SIE, acting as a Super ESCO, enjoys the asset of its status as a public trusted third-party, providing security to both the client and the suppliers involved in the project.

Energy Performance Guarantee and Financing

This is a mode of intervention whereby SIE concludes with its client an energy performance contract under which it commits itself to the design, financing, implementation and maintenance of an energy performance project over a given period. The aim is thus to provide an energy savings guaranteeand not merely the provision of a service (DPC and PMA modes). However, as is the case for DPC and PMA modes, SIE relies on companies and ESCOs in delivering the services and/or equipment to the client benefiting from the energy efficiency project. To achieve this, SIE can secure funds from international and local financial partners, or from banking institutions.

Examples of SIE Accomplishments

Energy upgrade of building installations of the Ministry of General Affairs and Governance

Electric bus project for the city of Marrakech

Green Mosques Program

Refurbishment of the Street Lighting System in Marrakech