Missions and Values



The main mission of SIE is to contribute to attaining the national energy efficiency objectives through the joint and complementary mobilization of the public and private sectors.

SIE develops and accumulates a state-of-the-art know-how in energy efficiency projects, sustained by active monitoring, at national and international levels, of trends and best practices, which the Company uses to help its clients and partners in identifying and then carrying out energy efficiency projects that carry strong positive impacts.

Supporting the State's Duty to Set the Example

In accordance with the Kingdom's vision and the priorities taken forward by the public authorities, SIE offers solutions and provides dedicated skills to public administrations in their move to translate the State's exemplarity program into action, in the area of energy efficiency :

  • Expertise in turning the objectives of the public administration into tangible projects, taking into account their specific features, the technological trends observed internationally, and the capacities of national companies ;
  • Comprehensive support for State projectsespecially with regard to the main energy expenditure items (public buildings and street lighting initially, and transport afterwards), according to modalities ranging from the supply of services to delegated project contracting,adaptable to suit the needs and skills of each public service ;
  • Proven methodology and tools to objectively measure the energy savings achieved and demonstrate the benefits of the measures for the community.

To implement this value proposal, SIE remains available to the relevant administrations and maintains close relations with them. This commitment is demonstrated in its roadmap which prioritizes support to public administrations over time.

Fostering the Development of the Market and the Ecosystem

As a Super ESCO, SIE plays the paramount role of a trusted third-party in a market and ecosystem still at a relatively early stage of development but expected to gain in maturity. The Company acts as follows : For clients in need of energy efficiency solutions: insofar as these solutions are not widely used in Morocco and the regulatory framework is relatively recent, SIE supports clients (project owners, buyers) to provide security to their projects, through :

  • Expertise and technical legitimacy,to design a relevant project within the client's context and environment ;
  • Regulatory and contractual expertise, and project structuring know-how,including financing, as well as a specific legal arsenal,to prepare a clear contractual framework in which the risks are properly spread and assimilated by the client ;
  • Impartiality in the Company's role as a Super ESCO,favouring the general interest in selecting the most suitable solutions for the client, and seeking to promote local businesses.

With suppliers of energy efficiency solutions: inasmuch as the market lacks experience, and to the extent that the historical depth of energy efficiency projects in Morocco remains limited, SIE supports ESCOs and provides security to their projects, through :

  • Intermediate positioning between clients and suppliers, to guarantee the quality qualité of the services performed, to contribute to reducing the projects, and to guarantee the payment paiement to the supplier, on the other hand ;
  • For the end client, in drawing up the relevant project specifications;
  • Provision of funding when necessary and relevant to the project.

With the whole ecosystem involved in energy efficiency projects (public authorities, investors, funders, service companies, equipment suppliers, etc.) SIE contributes to the design and implementation of landmark projects that have significant impacts in terms of energy savings or visibility for the general public. The Company showcases "success stories" to arouse the interest of stakeholders and stimulate energy efficiency initiatives.

Mobilizing the Best Financing

Most often, energy efficiency projects or solutions require significant investments: works, reengineering, procurement and installation of equipment, etc. Therefore, the financing of these investments plays a crucial role in the feasibility and profitability of a project. In the context of a market at its early stage of development, the local traditional (private) financial sector has not yet designed an offer specifically tailored to this type of projects, while the existing financing instruments are not always suitable. This results in challenging financing conditions which can hamper projects, or even jeopardize them.

This is the reason why SIE, as Super ESCO, takes action with financing institutions to ensure that suitable financing solutions are offered to clients and/or ESCOs for their energy efficiency projects. SIE's action targets the following :

  • The private financial sector,in order to improve its knowledge and understanding of the risks associated with energy efficiency projects, and to ensure that relevant financing solutions are introduced into the market ;
  • National and international public financing institutionsin order to channel development financing instruments, guarantees, concessional lending via the Super ESCO, acting as focal point for these sources of financing which it will subsequently make available for projects carried out by its partners (clients or ESCOs).

Creating Sustainable Economic Impacts

The development of a market for energy efficiency solutions and the availability of funding sources will undoubtedly create the conditions in which the number and scale of energy efficiency projects could increase. The benefits for the national economy are threefold :

  • A decrease in the national energy bill,which is still considerably exposed to imports of energy products, despite a steep decline observed in recent years, following the swift and widespread rise in renewable energies ;
  • An improvement in the country's industrial competitiveness,thanks to the reduction of the energy burden in the manufacturing cost price ;
  • Creation of activity and added value,leading to positive effects on national accounts and employment.

Indeed, energy efficiency projects will become a growing market in terms of :

  • Engineering services, and industrial, energy, technical, and financial studies ;
  • Purchase and installation of equipment specifically related to industrial processes and energy systems, as well as their control and safety ;
  • Refurbishing works on buildings and electric power systems.

These activities represent a significant job creation potential,involving several levels of qualification and sectoral specialization, and could become a major opportunity for many training pathways,including professional retraining.

To contribute to creating these jobs of the future, the Super ESCO, as a public institutional entity, acts according to the "make-do" approach. It therefore relies as much as possible on the private sector, and ensures :

  • A permanent watch on Moroccan and international companies operating in the sector ;
  • Referencing of Moroccan experts and small businesses ;
  • Consultations and contractual arrangements to involve private sector companies which can carry out analyzes, studies, works, and operations entrusted them by the Super ESCO on behalf of a client.

Sharing the Experience Gained

To contribute to skills acquisition for all players in the ecosystem, the Super ESCO aims to accumulate the maximum amount of knowledge and feedback from the energy efficiency projects in which it has been involved, with a view to making as many players as possible benefit from the lessons learned and good practices :

  • National institutional stakeholders in order to take into account market practices in the continuous improvement of the regulatory framework applied to energy efficiency projects ;
  • Clients of energy efficiency solutions, in order to improve their practices of expressing requirements, contracting, financing, selection of suppliers, as well as all the methods adopted throughout a project's phases ;
  • Suppliers of equipment and energy efficiency solutions (ESCOs and industrial SMEs for example), in order to improve their offer, taking into account market expectations and capacities ;
  • Financial institutions,to improve their knowledge and perception of the mechanisms and risks related to energy efficiency projects ;
  • Vocational and training branches,to make them benefit from feedback on the matching between the skills available on the labour market and the needs of companies ;
  • SIE's and/or Morocco's international partners wishing to embark on the development of energy efficiency in the Kingdom, in order to benefit from SIE's feedback and thus save time in its learning curve.

To achieve this, SIE puts in place specific mechanisms, through :

  • An organization and tools dedicated to project monitoring and to compiling relevant technical and economic data to assess project performance ;
  • A project management and monitoring methodologyincluding after delivery of equipment, making it thus possible to assess periodically the performance of the installations and any possible discrepancy between the actual performance levels and those initially intended ;
  • A knowledge and results database to categorize information and make it reusable ;
  • The organization of conferences and project feedback sessions, and the provision of technical content for those involved in energy efficiency projects,in order to improve their professional practice.

This dissemination of practical know-how to the entire ecosystem is likely to improve the practice of national stakeholders and, ultimately, to build trust among market players.


Our Values


Our mission is to serve the general interest by making our skills available to all the stakeholders involved in energy efficiency projects, with the aim of contributing to the achievement of Morocco's objectives in this field, and improving the citizens' quality of life. Our commitment is shown by :
  • The efforts we are making to strengthen our skills, keeping them up-to-date and to the state-of-the-art level, and also enhancing and adjusting them to market needs ;
  • The choice of the projects that we support, so as to prioritize those that will positively impact the community and the national ecosystem ;
  • The involvement of our teams in research and studies of forward-looking solutions, and in exchanges and reflections with partners and clients, whether in Morocco or abroad.


Our ambition is to provide tangible results, and thus take our responsibility in achieving the objectives that the Kingdom has set for itself in terms of energy efficiency and, more broadly, sustainable development.

As a State-owned ESCO, our responsibility finds expression in :
  • The culture of performance measurement ;
  • The structuring of balanced projects and contracts ;
  • The encouragement of responsible professional behaviour.


In our position as a trusted third-party, ethics is our core value that gives full meaning to our action. We are confident that the role of SIE, as a Super ESCO, is to create the conditions of trust needed to contribute to the expansion of energy efficiency solutions, by building on fruitful collaboration between the public and the private sectors. It is the Company's professional ethics that will build this trust and provide the Super ESCO with all its legitimacy and added value for the whole ecosystem. This value infuses our way of doing business :
  • The procedures for procurement and partner selection follow a strict and transparent process ;
  • Projects are structured and remunerated to the exclusive benefit of the client and the ecosystem ;
  • The Super ESCO is accountable for its actions and performance. It publishes an annual report of its activities and accounts, in strict compliance with the law.