A Word from the General Manager


Ten years since its inception, following the Royal instructions for restructuring the Kingdom's energy sector, the Energy Investment Company has become the Energy Engineering Company (SIE): a Super ESCO dedicated to implementing energy efficiency projects.

It is a new strategic positioning, designed soundly according to the priority objectives set out by the SIE's BOD Members, making it possible for the Company to revise its working procedures and methods, and to have a new organization to turn it into a genuine public energy service company. The new company will initially focus its actions on public buildings and street lighting.

SIE's action consists in playing the role of a trusted third-party with the objective of catalyzing the market and nurturing the emergence of an efficient ecosystem, conducive to the development of the energy efficiency sector. With its new identity, SIE aims to facilitate market access for all private sector companies specialized in energy services. SIE delivers its expertise to its public and partner clients, according to the modes of delegated project management or project management assistance.

Moreover, and as a Super ESCO, SIE commits itself to providing communities, institutions and public administrations with optimal services benefiting from the best technological options available on the market, at the most cost-effective price, while ensuring constant high quality.

Aware of the challenges of this new market, the Board of Directors of SIE has agreed to ease its procurement regulations. This approach will contribute effectively to speeding up and streamlining the Super ESCO's actions for the benefit of its clients.

Lastly, or above all, SIE is a young and dynamic team, firmly committed to achieving the objectives that are assigned to them henceforward. The Company's actions will evolve significantly, and the team will be strengthened to ultimately materialize a high-performing Super ESCO model, well suited to the country's economic reality.

I wish the whole team good luck as they embark on this new adventure.