To respond more effectively to the expectations of its clients, SIE offers them consultancy services and assists them through several actions :

  • Identification of needs ;

  • Choice of appropriate technologies ;

  • Financing options ;

  • Project implementation arrangements ;

  • Assessment of the project profitability.

Energy Diagnosis

Services intended to perform a brief analysis of the clients' energy situation so as to advise or support them in the preparation and/or implementation of an energy efficiency project. This covers :

  • Initial contact with the client, collection of data and information ;
  • Analysis of the data provided, on-site visits for a preliminary qualification of the prevailing situation and the major energy consuming equipment ;
  • Initial identification of possible courses of action likely to increase the energy efficiency of installations, as well as a set of suggested approaches.

This activity is of vital importance for SIE and its clients, in that it makes it possible to detect and confirm the potential for energy efficiency and, therefore, the benefit of developing projects and a market to provide solutions.

The development of energy efficiency projects starts necessarily with an energy audit phase, followed by a technical study to characterize the client's energy situation (consumption items, trends, energy contracts, etc.), and the preparation of the project feasibility study (projection over time of potential savings to assess the relevance of implementing energy efficiency investments).

Performing energy audits and technical and economic studies allows SIE to assess the feasibility of the project, as well as to implement the most appropriate energy efficiency measures.

Implementation of Energy Efficiency Projects

Development and Implementation of Projects (PMA and DPC)

This is a whole set of services aimed at supporting a client, from start to finish, in preparing, structuring, establishing and monitoring an energy efficiency project, in a steering role, with SIE acting to guarantee compliance of the work performed, whether under works contracts (engineering and equipment installation contract) or energy performance contracts (EPC). This covers the following :

  • Technical-economic feasibility studies to assess the relevance of an energy efficiency project, taking into account the anticipated savings and investments ;
  • The structuring of the energy efficiency project, including technological, technical, legal and financial options ;
  • Procurement procedures for services, equipment and works (as the case may be), in compliance with the rules applicable to the client and to SIE, involving the drawing up of the contract specifications, and assistance in selecting suppliers, until the end of the contracting process ;
  • Overseeing the project implementation, including contract monitoring, worksite follow-up, acceptance of services, equipment or works, and ultimately, if the client requests so, the payment of suppliers, by conferral of management ;
  • Monitoring the project's actual results over the long term, including an evaluation of the energy savings achieved, according to international measurement and verification standards.

SIE can act according to two roles :

As a project management assistant, SIE plays the role of a service provider, taking on and delivering preliminary studies entrusted by the Client. Afterwards, the Client is responsible for the choice of the solution and the contracting process with the project suppliers. During the implementation phase, SIE assists its partner in ensuring the compliance of the work performed.

Under this mode, and beyond technical expertise, the added value of SIE lies in its neutrality and impartiality with respect to technical choices and the selection of suppliers.

En tant que MOD, la SIE joue un rôle d’intermédiation avec les fournisseurs et a la capacité d’engager le Client par délégation (notamment pour contractualiser avec des fournisseurs et gérer/approuver les opérations financières du projet – éventuellement gestion d’un financement pour le compte d’un tiers). La SIE jouit d’un statut lui conférant la capacité d’agir en tant que maîtrise d’ouvrage déléguée pour le compte d’ordonnateurs publics, leur offrant ainsi la possibilité de recourir à ses services dans un cadre juridique clair et souple.

In both cases, SIE, acting as a Super ESCO, enjoys the asset of its status as a public trusted third-party, providing security to both the client and the suppliers involved in the project.

Energy Performance Guarantee and Financing

Mode d’intervention selon lequel la SIE conclut avec son client un contrat de performance énergétique dans lequel elle s’engage sur la conception, le financement, la réalisation et la maintenance d’un projet de performance énergétique sur une durée donnée. Il s’agit ainsi de la fourniture d’une garantie de performance énergétique, et non plus seulement la fourniture d’une prestation de services (mode AMO et MOD). Toutefois, de la même manière que pour les modes AMO et MOD, la SIE s’appuie sur des entreprises et des ESCOs pour fournir les prestations et/ou les équipements au client bénéficiaire du projet d’efficacité énergétique. Pour cela, la SIE pourra se financer elle-même auprès de partenaires financiers internationaux ou d’institutions bancaires

Examples of SIE Accomplishments

Energy upgrade of building installations of the Ministry of General Affairs and Governance

Electric bus project for the city of Marrakech

Green Mosques Program

Refurbishment of the Street Lighting System in Marrakech

Project Structuring

As a Super ESCO, SIE provides its partners with expertise and experience in order to leverage investments in the energy efficiency sector. In addition to technical considerations, SIE contributes its know-how in mobilizing financing with the aim of maximizing energy savings, and conducts the financial structuring of its projects according to an integrated approach, based on :

  • Comprehensive assessment of the project's technical characteristics, focusing on the determination or identification of the most affordable technical solution to achieve the project objectives ;
  • Financial analysis of the project, bringing into line the energy saving potential and the gains achieved on energy bills, investments needed, depreciation of installations and equipment, as well as the risks related to the project ;
  • Identification of the most appropriate financing scheme for the project and its beneficiary.

Within the framework of its mission, SIE keeps working, in collaboration with its financial partners, to diversify the existing financing offer on the Energy Efficiency market, by setting up new levers and mechanisms for financing and guarantee. The objective is to promote access of the sector's stakeholders to financing, and achieve the successful completion of projects.

Support for Project Financing

The financing of an energy efficiency project can be achieved by :

  • The clients themselves, from their own resources ;
  • Funding from a lender ;
  • An ESCO, as part of an energy performance contract (EPC).

SIE supports its partners in identifying the most appropriate financing solution for their projects. The Company makes use of its technical expertise and proven knowledge of the various financial mechanisms and instruments available on the market.

Depending on the nature of the project and its promoter, SIE may :

  • Direct the promoter of a State-sponsored project, subject to some conditions, to funding agencies for the mobilization of loans to finance the relevant energy efficiency project ;
  • Recommend project promoters to seek dedicated credit lines, taking into account the nature of the project, the risks and the eligibility criteria of the said credit lines ;
  • Assist and support its clients, using its technical and financial expertise, in carrying out the financial and technical pre-analysis needed to assess the project feasibility.


Ecosystem development

This category of activities refers to capacity building and advisory actions that are not related to projects, but which are intended for both public and private stakeholders working in the field of energy efficiency, whether in Morocco or abroad. These services consist in building on the experience and data acquired during the implementation of projects where SIE was a partner, in order to support the sectoral authorities in strengthening and developing measures for the promotion of projects and the emergence of a local energy efficiency sector. These activities can be divided into three major types of services :

  • The dissemination of expertise at the national and international levels in the area of energy efficiency project management, based on the experience acquired by SIE (preparation, structuring and implementation of an EPC, standard contract models, etc.);
  • Support for businesses (SMEs and ESCOs) and local professional federations working in the sector, to promote innovation and the emergence of local players (for example: popularization, advice on financing options (partnership with banks, financing and guarantee institutions, organizations that support SMEs, agreements with partners), sharing of know-how, technical capacity-building programs (staff and investors), co-development of pilot projects with local start-ups, promoting interactions among decision-makers, private ESCOs, financial institutions, and end-customers. Furthermore, the field of financial intermediation by SIE is to be considered in order to improve access to financing for local ESCOs and SMEs;
  • The provision of data on the outcomes of energy efficiency projects and their social and environmental impacts for the relevant authorities: recommendations on regulatory and institutional aspects of EE projects, compilation of data, monitoring of legal requirements, market studies.

In addition, SIE performs the role of a focal point for international financial institutions wishing to take part in Morocco's energy efficiency projects.

Lastly, SIE takes an active part in international cooperation between Morocco and its partners, especially in Africa. The Company offers its foreign counterparts or international contractors a whole range of services, including technical assistance, capacity building and feedback, to enhance the skills and expertise of the Moroccan ecosystem.